Greeting cards


Animations made for the iPhone game Blörk.
The objects were drawn by Marie Archer.

Interactive level elements

Movements of an enemy and the main character of the game, the sleepwalker


While working at ASTI I have made a couple of visualizations intended to clarify and sell technical concepts to (non-technical) investors. These animations can be found below. Additional information on the projects can be found in the engineering section of this site.


This animation shows a new approach to measuring the orientation of an object using GPS antennas. It was included in a presentation that was given to several surveying companies and it greatly helped in conveying the essence of the new approach without going into too much technical detail. More information can be found in the engineering section.

Heering UAS

Heering UAS is a young technostarter. The company uses unmanned aerial vehicles for aerial photography. The photographs are combined into a heightmap of the terrain. This technique is significantly faster (and therefore cheaper) than traditional survey methods.

The animation was made to support an STW (government grant) proposal by visually explaining the process and the benefits it offers. The grant has been awarded.