PacTris is a personal project, intended to hone my Actionscript knowledge. The goal is to make a two-player 2D co-op arcade game, combining elements of Tetris and pacman; The Tetris player molds the maze the Pacman player has to clear out, which in turn collapses the maze and frees up room for new bricks to be added to the maze.
So far only the Tetris part is functional. You can play the game by either clicking on the thumbnail below or (for a larger version) here.


Blörk is a 2D platform game for the iPhone. The objective is to safely guide an unwitting sleepwalker through a host of dangers. To do this, you control the environment by tilting and moving the phone.
I was hired as an external animator for this game and ended up doing pretty much all the animations, including the main character; they can be found here


The game Pipedream is a real 3D game made for a virtual workbench: the virtual workbench can project stereoscopic images on a table surface so that the player sees them floating in 3 dimensions above the table. The 3D objects follow the head motions of the player just like a real object would do. The player can use a stylus to interact with the virtual elements (pick them up, move them around etcetera).

In our game the player is supplied with pipe segments which can be picked up with the stylus and placed into a 3D grid. After a countdown timer ends, green goo starts flowing out of the source and slowly fills the pipe until it reaches a way out. The objective is to place the segments such that the resulting pipe is made as long as possible.
As the grid is filled with pipe segments it becomes ever more necessary to be able to rotate the grid to see any gaps left in the pipe: this was done by linking the grid's rotation to the orientation of the stylus. The movie shows a video capture of the game. The capture software had a very large influence on the game's performance which is why it was very jerky and difficult to pick pipe segments from the conveyor and to place them in the grid, but it can still give you an impression of the actual game.