So, who are you anyway?

Hello, my name is Jeroen.

I am an aerospace engineer, specialized in human-machine interaction, simulation and virtual reality. I have worked as a research engineer for the past 5 years, building and certifying professional flight simulators, designing the cockpit of the Superbus and making technical visualizations for Nissan, CP-GPS and Heering UAS (found here).

I have drawn and animated all my life, on paper and digitally. I have experience with both bitmap and vector drawing. My discovery of Flash about 2 years ago rekindled my love for animation and making games.

I have been making games from the moment we got our first computer, an Atari 800XL with 64K RAM.
Right now I'm working on making my own small game called Pactris; currently little more than a Tetris clone, the idea is to make a two-player co-op game combining elements from the classics Tetris and Pacman. I wanted to make this game is to improve my Actionscript and game design experience, but most of all: have fun!
I'm also a member of the Game Development Sanctuary (GDS), a group of Delft students involved in making computer games.

Next to drawing, making and playing games I like Fantasy and roleplaying (yes, I'm a nerd), sports (cycling, swimming and scuba-diving) and I play a bit of saxophone.