Welcome to the portfolio site of Jeroen den Dekker, freelance graphics artist and (Flash) animator.

Visualizing your ideas

Images can say more than a thousand words, and animated images can increase this effect many times over. An animation of what your idea consists of, how your idea would work and what the benefits would be compared to existing systems will quickly and effectively convey the gains to prospective customers or investors, even when they lack the technical know-how.


Due to my engineering background, I am able to understand schematics, formulas and technical concepts, enabling me to quickly transform these into images that are understandable and appeal to a layman.
The first step is to come up with the outlines of a storyboard: this is done in close concurrence with the customer, taking into account the intended use, duration, possible desired interactivity, restrictions that may apply to for instance colors and size and other customer preferences. Based on this conversation a global storyboard is created along with an early rendition of characters or objects. These are sent to the customer for approval and comments, to keep them in the loop.

When the concept is approved, the final animation is created. During this phase regular communications with the customer will ensure that the final product will meet the customers desires and approval.